Play with what scares you

In Denmark, we found ourselves in a train station at a site specific location for our performances of ‘farewell’. Our slow motion sections took place out in the hallway just on the other side of glass windows we were using as a projection screen. The passage way was often very busy and very public. for me, the idea of being in silly wigs and costumes in the middle of that was very scary. C and I both felt however doing it showed commitment to the choice. There were lots of different reactions front the passersby. At times it could be fun, strange, and aggressive. It also seemed to move beyond what we had been working on previously. It now had become a protagonist antagonist relationship. The degree to which we established trust and comfort with our audience from the beginning was vital to the success of the image. It was the difference between them laughing at and wanting us to suffer, and sympathizing with a protagonist. The kind of care the have for us becomes so important to the experience we ultimately needed to be exploring.


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