I am an artist who works hard to develop projects that speak both to me and others about the beauty found in a shared experience. Over the years I have invited people to slow dance with strangers in disused storefronts (, to confess secrets to someone thousands of kilometres away through text message (, and to immerse themselves in public locations ( and busy city streets from Aarhus, Denmark to Whitehorse, Yukon Territory. My writing has been published by Canadian Theatre Review (Issues 126, 134, and 158), as well as the chapter entitled ‘Make What You Need’ in the scholarly book ‘In Defence Of Theatre: Aesthetic Practices and Social Interventions’ edited by Dr. Kathleen Gallagher and Dr. Barry Freeman published by University Toronto Press in 2016. Last year, I was part of a national cohort at the Banff Centre For Arts and Creativity in Alberta called New Fundamentals: Leadership For the Creative Ecology. I am currently a member of ArtsHalifax-an advisory committee to the City of Halifax advocating the creation of an arms-length funding organization. I am also on the national advisory board of Canadian Theatre Review, and board member of Nova Scotia’s Masterworks Art Award.  Most of the work I do is collaborative in some way, and connected to XOSECRET (Secret Theatre, Halifax), which is a project-led initiative that focuses on principles of creativity, technology and public space related to new practices emerging within the contemporary theatre milieu. Recently, my interests have been leading me to grow and evolve.  I do not merely want audiences to engage.  With thoughtful, playful intervention, I aim to give people a feeling they are at the heart of the experience.