My previous work has grown to encompass a myriad of people and places come, gone and soon to be. Through the exploration of site and exploitation of media art, I create meaningful moments that offer new ways of being together while shedding crooked light on how it is we’ve grown apart.  Over the years, I’ve invited people to slow dance with strangers in disused storefronts, to drift through public spaces with an audio guide, to confess secrets to someone thousands of kilometres away through text message, and to immerse themselves in choreographies on busy city street corners from Aarhus, Denmark to Victoria, British Columbia. In my more recent work, I have explored principles of creativity, technology and public space through participation strategies that place the viewer inside the work. This evolution represents a shift in my practice toward forms that allow for audiences to be in direct contact with each other. I am a regular contributor to Halifax’s Nocturne (a night-time festival of free public art events and installations), and the city of Halifax’s Public Art Program. In addition to my artistic practice, I have participated in various industry-growth and personal/professional development opportunities. For example,  I was the Industry Producer for Canada’s Magnetic North Theatre Festival. My academic achievements include a BA in Theatre Studies from Acadia University in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, and a Post Graduate Diploma in Acting from the London Academy Of Music And Dramatic Art in London, England. My writing has been published by Canadian Theatre Review (Issues 126, 134, and 158), and I wrote the chapter entitled ‘Make What You Need,’ which appeared in the book ‘In Defence Of Theatre: Aesthetic Practices and Social Interventions’ published by Toronto University Press in 2015.  Last year I participated in a national cohort at the Banff Centre in Alberta called New Fundamentals: Leadership For the Creative Ecology. The cohort gave me a special insight into the role leadership plays in creating change and navigating immunities to change. I also completed a mentorship with Jens Folmer Jepsen at the Aarhus Festival in Denmark, which awoke in me a desire to animate the city through a festival and transform the future of the city. I sit on an advisory art committee to the city of Halifax as well as the advisory board at the Canadian Theatre Review.