About five years ago I got really interested in strategies that subvert the way you relate to location. Fast forward five years and I am exploring the idea of relocation. Over the next couple weeks I plan to write some about our process as we set up the farewell project in Aarhus Denmark and Cardiff Wales. I invite you to comment at anytime.

The relocation curiosity really started after n. did our common walk project and commented that the challenge for us would be finding a way for the work to travel since it was so specific to the placewe were in. This sort of comment can be a real gift in a process. It comes in response to the work, and provides a problem the new work has to try and solve. Or at least that is how it was taken.

So the question begins, how can you make something that is specific to the place that it is in, but do it in such a way that it is about to change places and still feel very specific…?

This is the Aarhus rail station. Or rather it is an unused travel business storefront inside the station we will be using for our show.


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