That is why we stayed


Taking part and communing, these activities both take their form and content, their cues even, from the collaborative nature of theatre. The opportunity to share, connect with strangers, and humanize the city, can be closely linked with perceptions of social space. By using roles of performer and audience that are mutually assumed and exchanged, the intention of this activity has one important function: to bring performer and spectator closer together.

What we must work on is using our audiences more as co-conspirators, thinking of theatre more as an event, more as a temporary community. By asking what such connection to place means to our lives, and how it might transform the present moment, we work toward creating an environment that performers can weave through, and build an honest sense of intimacy, connection, and locality. In Nova Scotia, the interrelationships connected to place are particularly meaningful because they encompass a myriad of people and places come, gone and soon to be.

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