time with my new friend

urban density for show

all of it- more people in more cities

time to connect. it could be a longer experience for me


more personal stories of the narrator to relate to

time for texting

periods without talking or audio guide

more time to get back

prompted questions, guided direction (stop. turn. go left)

time to ponder the scenes. a bit more instruction of the structure of the play before starting

i’d love to do it again with a new audio guide

audio soundscape

self guided thought

freedom of thought and movement

time to talk and observe

more time to exchange messages in the rendezvous

back and forth interactions (short ones) maybe

time.  clarity at beginning that we are doing it right by going whatever way we want. actually maybe not that was an interesting moment of fear.

time. especially to get to places and do the texting tasks.  confessions. i like em

sometimes i said ‘ahhhh i’m texting too slow, i need more time to think/txt’ but that is kinda the point i guess

perhaps the chance to play a scene as totally different characters. if possible, sending a picture of one place that stands out along the way

more texting and chat time at end

more time with stranger

a voice over more often

words from partner. possible to link the geography more in the audio

sharing thoughts, or descriptive elements of the environment, ways to connect with the other

physical action moments, like the instruction to wave at the first rendezvous. i felt the rendezvous became more tangible the more playful i became

narrator, silence, i often wanted to text when i had to listen

more guiding questions or parameters for the final rendezvous. confetti

questions about self and more textual/physical suggestions (like leaning against the tree)

time to listen when not moving and texting

more rendezvous spots

i’d love to be asked to find more spaces. more conversation. it could have been longer

more scenes

the word game, get to know you things

more prompts to stop and consider moments of your life

i thought some of the confessions were really beautiful (especially the last one)

guided interaction with scene partner (word association was one of my favourite moments), uncomfortable moments

i got confused because i couldn’t text fast enough

a little more time, or space, sometimes while i was texting i would miss some of the audio

guided conversations, redezvous… just more, an hour wasn’t enough, music (i loved the piano at the end)

time, build up of the relationship

the talk to the partner, music (light)

more sending photos to your scene partner


more space and time to complete messages because texting can be slowish

more scene maybe international hook-up


i’d like to take pictures of ex spot… maybe exchange with partner, loved the voice

walking and texting, and the seeing the people

time, directions like leaning on the pole

playful interactive, drama

observing prompts

privacy during the meeting

the music


projection/ interaction with street

the casual interaction with the audience between the question segments

more of the same

nothing felt complete

music, beer

it was really wonderful- just more- in general

he witty banter, dancing with chad’s wife



volume on the street speakers, involvement, i wanted to hear more people’s answers to the questions

background on the character’s stories

chad and chad’s singing

company, joy, music

dancing and beer

these types of shows


beer, more live music, more stuff on camera, wigs, more dancing with hot girls


nothing (or schooner)

more questions/variety/harder, more songs, more filmic improve

light, sounds from other parts of city, questions

more of you, more! i could have stayed here all night

audience participation, answers, questions

in general, more of the show

in particular, more costumes


dancing. street performances. eavesdropping

dancing. beer


mmm not sure

more songs like the last one

music, stories, interaction

video dances

it was lovely. i can’t imagine what you could change.

interaction with audience


party mixer

utopia! utopia visions. ask the audience some questions


interaction between actors

polish, music


these plays

more diverse questions asked

rock and roll upper cuts

theatre as such

off balance actors

interviews + songs + use of outdoor space + scenery

keep going

it was great

your stuff across the street with music

free public art and performance

you guys


projection, more interesting answers

access to spaces


people on the street

more show! longer

gothic halifax history (gallows, press gang, ghosts, etc)

more depth (although this was great)

more historical/fictional stories- getting lost in the narrative’s the best part

hidden clues and treasures

public participation. they were ? me, wondering what was happening, they needed a note

more of the exercises synchronized with key spots, seeing them in a new way


stories, landmarks, creative tasks

resting to think to take in scenery and think about history

it was pretty perfect for me. i like standing still a lot

romance, memories of my grandfather, more pronounced male voice (litterially, hard to hear)

i could do with a lengthier piece

more direct address to me

i really liked the reflections on life and benches and memories in the public garden

secrets, nature, stories

pauses of ambience

the stories, maybe more music

quiet environment (it would me at least to visualize better)

time (i had to run sometimes there is so much info, i realize how hard it is to fit is all in, it was so rich but then you wouldn’t want to loose the sense of urgency

longer, i wanted more


just that is was longer so i could learn more and imagine more

time to draw on the map (more paper) more history

the history was great

secret people planted through the scenes, more time between cues, maybe some character dialogue

recent history




time to absorb the audio images

i can’t imagine. it was pretty filling

different tours in different areas of the city


solo audio based theatre outdoors

food, victoria park

time to walk places, personal narrative

more time walking, reflecting on benches

stuff like this

smell references

nothing an all of this


more time to get from place to place

poetry- i liked the encapsulated moments out of time where you feel transported, i liked the moments of reflection and keeping thin layers

time to draw

nothing, love to go through it all different times of day

time to get to landmarks

it was lovely, i like feeling conscious of people’s paths, movement and stillness… more paper

stories, time to think

more direction to where i should be stopping, before, i get there… more paying attention to people around me (i found myself wanting to incorporate them into the play)

secret notes, tasks

more historical content




visualize history


more of this type of performance, more including passersby (staged)

more historical tidbits

projects like this

all of it again


secrets and white birds, stage directions

stories of my grandmother and carriages and swimming areas

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