need to know


for the past ten days i’ve been working with a. on a new pice called ‘landline’. the idea was/is to connect two strangers in two different places, and create a shared experience for them.

the week prior to that i was working with j. on our lantern project. the project uses dance, light, projection, and sound to animate a structure that is situated in a public space.

a strategy that has been useful in both processes was asking the question ‘what do we need to know?’

the idea is simple. start writing out all the elements you think you know to be true. then, we basically mind map what you need more information about.

for me, the process gets me thinking in ways that reveal practical starting points for discussion and research.

if we know the lantern has these four or five elements, what do we need to know about them? what do we need to know about the connection between two strangers? what can these questions tell about where we need to focus our energy?

how do you get your ideas moving?

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