i think of myself as a theatre maker because the elements i use to make work are the same ones that go into making a theatre event. there is a use of light and sound, of text, of set and sometimes costume. there is a relationship between performer and audience, a desire to communicate, a transference of ideas and/or emotion. for me, these define my practice and approach.

as i continue to work toward ‘lighthouse’- a performative installation, i find myself curious about intersections, about the ways theatre, dance, and architecture are alike.

j. and i identified that we each may have prejudices toward each other’s forms, which has shown itself in the ways we challenge each other’s assumptions. for example, my use of ‘story’ and ‘narrative’, and how that relates to how a piece unfolds. i discovered that i may take the inclusion of them in the experience for granite.

my instinct tells me that there are two approaches developing. one in which we work from a strong position of intersection, of how the disciplines are alike. or, two, a more mysterious position of drawing from only the elements that are outside the connecting points.

the idea reminds me that sailors set sail knowing there might be sea monsters in the unknown waters.

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