on visibility

when a play reveals itself too much like a play i find that i think about other things. i think about the way lights are used. i think about the staging. i think about the set pieces. i think about how the actors are acting. i like to think about these things, but that is not why i go to the theatre.

when i am in the theatre i want something to be altered. I want this encounter to be something that comes from inside myself. that is drawn out of me. that is tempted into my experience of the room.

during the recent work on ‘farewell’, c. and i talked a lot about positive ambiguity. that is when you leave gaps in what you are telling the audience in order allow them to make connections. these gaps depend a lot on understanding and staying within an audience’s circle of expectation. it is a delicate line. And demands a certain kind of gaze from the participant.

for me, the gaps can be like cracks to let the light in.

when a play reveals itself too much like a play i think i mean that our experience of it has been too held too much to the script.

and as a viewer there is nothing left for me to imagine.

What kind of room do you want to be in?

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