farewell cardiff…

here is a link to the live blog during our performance in cardiff: LIVEART LIVE BLOG

now back in halifax and installing ‘(we) are here’ for tonight’s nocturne… stop in to say hi at the khyber third floor!

2 responses to “farewell cardiff…

  1. I saw (We) are here at nocturne lastnight and it was myfavorite thing I saw lastnight. I was wondering if you happened to have the monologue anywhere? I felt really connected to it especially the line about being in a hot air balloon above a city.

  2. that text comes from erika’s writing in 2009 as part of a development workshop. you can find a link to her site about the project here:
    the text was included in the show for the first time at this nocturne. we added it to the tree section of the show because we felt there was something missing. i am happy we did. your comment assures me it makes sense to be in the piece. so, thanks for that.

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