thursday questions

can you see how the elements connect? where do the thoughts lead you? are you going beyond what is offered? are they your thoughts or someone else’s? does the music supply too much emotion? is it putting it out of balance? is there anything missing?

2 responses to “thursday questions

  1. what do you mean by “too much emotion”? Maybe I know but am being bratty – or have a chip on my shoulder cause I’m making a dance piece with only emotional/nostalgic music that is way too much. So maybe my question to answer a question is “what’s wrong with ‘too much’?”
    also I want what’s offered to go beyond me, I can beyond that only after I have caught up.
    Wish we could drink beer.

  2. there is an emotion to certain songs. they make you feel how they make you feel. what the question is about is when that feeling doesn’t get more interesting. in the situation you described jacob i suspect that ‘too much’ must become visible before the idea is in play.

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