i was being interviewed recently for an article about the use of public space in my work. the experience got me thinking about how i don’t have anything to say about the right ways to use public space. nor, do i want to comment on what is the best use… i feel it is more my job to simply show you something in a way that is maybe new to you. or, maybe get you to think about how you feel about it. or, put a couple things together and allow you to make new connections. i select the elements through a process and spend a lot of time considering the experience you go through, but the work doesn’t live or become live until you have something to do.

for me, art is to bring things into relationship.

have you thought about what art is for you?

One response to “commentary

  1. Hi Dustin,

    I also try to provide a new filter to really see or re-see a familiar place. Or to introduce people to places they haven’t been before. But I think I also try to use my work to exercise the empathy muscles. That is to say, to invite the listener/audience into the experience of the other (in this case defined as someone other than the self). To me, the ability to project ourselves and imagine for a moment the experience and perspective of another is a crucial part of citizenship.

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