starting collaboration

for what it is worth, in my previous collaborations with erika and again later with rob we established one idea that we were each interested in. for example in ‘(we) are here’ i was interested in making something like a live film (using video cameras and making a screen the basic encounter). erika was interested in manual animation and narration. together we agreed on this idea of dislocation or her being in toronto and me being in halifax, and the conflict she experiences sometimes being between the two places.

in ‘the common’ i was really interested in using the halifax common as a site for something theatrical and ipods/ head sets. rob was interested in history and myth and mixing the two.

in ‘folkloremobile’ i want to play with fm broadcasting and stock car racing, and rob was interested in helen creighton and folklore.

for a new collaboration, i am interested in a video document that is made to feel live using a city as a backdrop. for chad, utopia/ hope seem important as well as the non theatre context…?

what you discover is that the form can be an important starting point. that is if this is the sort of way you want to work. so maybe we are making a video installation that becomes a live experience and is about a utopian or hopeful gesture…?

we trust that we know the right idea when we see it.

but who knows?

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