new 5010! development

For me, the beginning is a lot of thinking and writing.

There is less a search for what the play is about and more a process of awareness. Usually I begin with a theme, or idea, or space. But this time I wanted to start in a way that I am not used to- with all possible directions available. Plus, there is something attractive about beginning with nothing.

The first few days of work already starts closing certain possibilities.

What is important about this is to create the opportunity for something to happen. To look and to write what you see.

So much of these early days are about training and practice. Discovering a rigour and a change that gets you to think differently.

Now, these two quotes from Tim Etchells:
“There really is no substitute for breathing the air of a particular location- and no substitute either for the daydreaming you get to do while standing or walking in a place.”

“Theatre when it is stripped back to its essence is a set of tasks and function.”

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